Our research projects are more specifically focused on analyzing the ethical complexities in technology and the sciences on the many levels. CSTEP is also interested in researching topics in the disciplines of bio- or genetic-engineering, nano-technology, and stem-cell research. CSTEP also focuses on how the professional practices of those fields (such as bio-medical or computer-related industries) are constrained by or transgress state-mandated policies aimed at industry regulation or promotion.

Furthermore, CSTEP is also interested in researching on how to better understand the process of attracting and training new members into these disciplines through teaching and apprenticeships.
Some of our current research projects include explorations into the ethical implications of the copyright and piracy phenomenon and the interrelations of privacy and surveillance policies associated with the rapid and unregulated expansion of the internet.

Current Research Topics:
  • Ethics in Engineering
  • Computer Privacy
  • Phenomenology
  • Robots